Where do you ship from? Will i have to pay for customs fees?
We ship from China but you shouldn't be receiving any customs fees unless you are living in Germany or Netherlands.
I haven't received my tracking number yet, when will i receive it?
It takes 2-4 days for our team to process your order. If you haven't received an email with the tracking number after that time has passed please contact us via mail or DM us on Instagram we will  personally update you on your shipment status.
I don't like the item and i want a refund or an exchange, how can i do that?
You can return the item to one of the 3 listed adresses in the refund section.
Please provide us with a tracking number as soon as you can also specifying the adress you choose. If you send a note together with the package,with the details of your request and your order number the process will be way faster.
My tracking number isn't working properly what now?
Please allow a couple days for the tracking info to update after you receive it.
If that doesn't solve the problem, contact us via email or DM us on Instagram.
I haven't received an order confirmation yet but money was deducted from my account, what do i do?
Simply contact us on Instagram or via email we willl recover your order number using your details and resend the order confirmation email.