10 Streetwear Brands To Know About In 2024

10 Streetwear Brands to Know About in 2024

As a retail store owner, staying ahead of trends is crucial. Here are ten streetwear brands making waves in 2024 that you should consider stocking:

1. Harsh and Cruel

Known for its bold designs and urban aesthetics, Harsh and Cruel blends high fashion with street style, offering unique pieces that stand out.

1. IDLT Basics

IDLT Basics focuses on minimalistic, high-quality essentials that are perfect for any streetwear collection. Their timeless pieces are a must-have for any store.

3. Heartbreak Hotel

Heartbreak Hotel offers edgy, contemporary designs that resonate with the youth. Their unique approach to streetwear makes them a favorite among trendsetters.

4. Blind/No Plan

Blind/No Plan is known for its experimental designs and avant-garde approach to streetwear. Their collections often push the boundaries of traditional fashion.

5. CZ Basics

CZ Basics combines comfort with style, offering versatile streetwear staples that appeal to a wide audience. Their pieces are perfect for layering and everyday wear.

6. PDF Channel

PDF Channel, created by Domenico Formichetti, stands out with its innovative designs inspired by extreme sports. This Italian brand is making a mark with its unique aesthetic and high-quality garments​.

7. F The Internet!

F The Internet! is known for its rebellious spirit and bold graphic designs. This brand caters to the digitally savvy generation with its statement pieces.

8. FiveFourFive

FiveFourFive is an emerging Italian brand that blends classic Italian tailoring with contemporary streetwear. Their collections are both stylish and sophisticated, making them a great addition to any high-end streetwear store​​.

9. Face To Face

Face To Face offers a mix of streetwear and high fashion, with designs that are both innovative and wearable. Their pieces often feature unique textures and materials.

10. Argue Culture

Argue Culture is known for its vibrant, culturally inspired designs. Their collections often incorporate bold patterns and colors, making them stand out in any store.


Stocking these brands will ensure your store stays on the cutting edge of streetwear fashion, attracting trend-conscious customers looking for the latest and greatest in urban style. Stay ahead of the competition by offering these top streetwear brands in 2024.