Basics by CZ

CZ Basics brings a fresh perspective to streetwear by embracing a minimalist aesthetic paired with superior quality, and an affordable price.

Basics by IDLT

IDLT Basics redefines streetwear with its understated aesthetic and premium quality. The brand shuns logos, allowing the craftsmanship to stand front and center. The collection features meticulously crafted pieces, including their signature double-layer hoodies that exude a refined simplicity.

Basics by Evi Stub

Evi Stub offers sustainable, minimalist fashion with a modern twist, crafting timeless, comfortable pieces inspired by nature's tranquility for the style-conscious individual.

Basics by Bethrived

In a world brimming with loud designs and overwhelming logos, Bethrived stands apart. Founded on the belief that true style is timeless and understated, our brand is a haven for those who appreciate the elegance of simplicity in streetwear.